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Leveraging technology to deliver academic support that meets students’ unique academic difficulties, styles, temperament, and preferences.

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At Klasshour, We are on a mission to revolutionize education in Africa by providing instant access to personalized learning that meets students’ individualized learning challenges beyond the confines of traditional classrooms. We strive to bridge the gaps created by the challenges in the African education system, such as overcrowded lecture halls and limited student-teacher interaction.

Our platform connects students with dedicated tutors across the continent, empowering them to excel in their academics, overcome challenges in classwork and assignments, and prepare confidently for both internal and external exams. We believe in the transformative power of education and are committed to fostering a community where passionate teachers can make a significant impact on student's academic journeys, thereby contributing to the growth and success of education in Africa.

Our Story

We believe that a failed exam is not a verdict of students’ capacity to truly write and pass well in class but rather an indication of student’s need for learning support that meets their peculiar learning challenges, styles, temperament, and preferences

Our Mission

We are on a mission where students regardless of learning difficulty and challenges get learning support that meets individual student’s needs, preferences, and learning styles.

Our Vision

We envision a future where every student would be empowered to overcome challenges and achieve understanding irrespective of their learning difficulties. A future that levels the playing field and equitable learning opportunities for all students.

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Klasshour with our artificial intelligence algorithm allows tutors to know students’ peculiar learning needs, difficulties and challenges so that they know exactly where it hurts the students and can provide with exactness and deep precision learning support that meets student’s unique learning needs.

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